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The Charter of Lampedusa is a pact achieved mainly through a constituent grassroots process which brought together various organizations, associations and individuals in Lampedusa from the 31st of January to the 2nd of February 2014.

The gathering followed the death of over 600 women, men and children in the shipwrecks of the 3rd and 11th of October 2013...
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Part 1

Recognizing that:
- human history is the history of migrations, but that migration today is also a basic feature of neoliberalism and the capitalist economic system; migratory policies are today between the main class division mechanisms to arise asymmetries and colonial relationships - the hypocrisy of any rhetoric supports the clear target to stall humans' mobility;

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Part 2

EU countries like Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Sweden, are amongst the ten greatest weapons exporters in the world;
- a very high percentage of this weaponry is imported by countries from which people are escaping because of conflicts, human rights violation, lack of democracy;
- current migration control policies entail a militarization of domestic territories and border zones.
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