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The Charter of Lampedusa asserts Freedom of Movement for every human being.


The Charter of Lampedusa asserts that every human being must be free to move according to their wish.

Recognizing that:


- human history is the history of migrations, but that migration today is also a basic feature of neoliberalism and the capitalist economic system;


- migratory policies are today between the main class division mechanisms to arise asymmetries and colonial relationships;
- the hypocrisy of any rhetoric supports the clear target to stall humans' mobility;


- moving in the world according to the needs of the global economy is an imperative which is forced upon a large number of human beings, whilst personal movement is a privilege accorded only to a world minority;


- the regulation of migration routes creates a hierarchy of inclusion and exclusion for millions of humans;



The Charter of Lampedusa asserts that no distinction can or should be made between:


-people who can move freely and those who cannot, on the basis of their native countries and their social, legal and economic status;


-those who can move freely and those who are subjected to the needs of the destination country;


- those who can move freely and those who require permission;


- those who can move freely and those who, to travel the same path, must suffer discrimination, exploitation, violence – including sexual violence, dehumanization and marketization, limitation of their personal freedom, and the risk of  losing their life.


Observing how migration control policies serve to:


-direct individuals’ migration routes, forcing persons to stay in some countries; pushing them back to transit countries or sending them back to the country of first arrival;


-limit the freedom of individuals to choose their own route, country of residence and the right to freely change it at any time in their life;


The Charter of Lampedusa affirms that every human being is free to choose where to live and therefore is free to oppose any obstacle preventing this;


- adolescents also avail of this freedom, though they need to be protected because they are under the age of 18.


Recognising that:


-the armed conflicts, natural disasters and injustices ravaging large parts of the planet, are phenomena linked to the current economic model;


-production is outsourced to countries where profit can evade any rule, where resources are exploited and redistributed in unfair ways, in the name of economic growth, paying no heed to the environment and the future of humanity;


-even when migration seems to be an individual choice, it is never completely separate from the environment and social contexts


-inequalities and economic injustices prevent millions of parents from raising their children themselves, because migration can become the only way to assure the life conditions they aspire to,

A. The Charter of Lampedusa asserts the freedom to stay in the country of one’s birth or residence and the freedom to struggle and do all that is required to remove any form of exploitation, any form of economic, political, military, cultural subjugation preventing the autonomous, free, independent and peaceful existence of all the people who inhabit the Earth.

Observing that, formal and informal refoulement mechanisms, the practices of identification, of detention, of confinement, of authorized but controlled routes, and the attribution of different forms of status prevent people from asserting their freedom to choose where to travel to and where to stay.


B. The Charter of Lampedusa asserts


the freedom to stay as the freedom of individuals to live as they choose in places other than the place of their birth/citizenship and the freedom to plan their lives in these new places.

Recognising that, through formal allowances based on market rules, national and global socio-economic systems manipulate the right to stay, exploit and differentiate people's legal status and their  life chances.


The Charter of Lampedusa affirms that:


the freedom to stay in a chosen country should in no way depend on working ‘legally’ in the place of arrival on the basis of labour market needs;


the freedom to stay and to plan a life in a chosen place, implies freedom from any form of exploitation and it requires access to healthcare, housing, work, education, communication and legal information, with no discrimination; any obstacle, in any sphere of life, which can obstruct this freedom must be removed.




-the chronic and structural socio-economic production of conflicts, as well as climatic and environmental disasters, may result in an immediate need to leave,

The Charter of Lampedusa affirms that


every human forced to leave their country of birth/residence due to physical, economic, social, cultural, individual/group potential or past persecutions, has the freedom to choose where to settle and has the right to be reunited in their new home with their loved ones.


In no way should this freedom negate the freedom to travel, to stay and to choose where to live of people who are not in the above conditions.

The Charter of Lampedusa affirms that:


in such cases as listed above, everyone must immediately be granted and assured the possibility of travelling safely, with no pre-requirements or impediments.

The Charter of Lampedusa furthermore asserts that:


everybody in the above conditions, must be guaranteed legal, economic, social, cultural and existential protection in all the countries they cross;


this protection must also be guaranteed wherever these people choose to settle, so that they can build and fulfil their life plans;


these safeguards must be assured even if they decide to change place to live in.


The Charter of Lampedusa states that


no human being must ever be deprived of personal freedom, and thus be confined or detained, for having exercised their freedom to move from their place of birth/citizenship/arrival or their freedom to stay where they have chosen to settle.


The Charter of Lampedusa affirms


everyone’s Freedom to resist policies which foster inequality and disparity, intended to create divisions, discrimination, exploitation and precariousness of human beings, and which generate inequalities.

Because current migration control policies are one of the main instruments to create these conditions.


The Charter of Lampedusa affirms


the freedom of everybody to resist these whole policies,  as well as in their specific operating mechanisms, such as the institutions of containment and/or detention centres, of borders, acted through stay permits linked to work contracts.


We affirm the freedom to resist practices of deportation and refoulement, unequal access to jobs and housing, exploitation of the migrant labour force, increasing uncertainty of living and working conditions, policies of selection and containment of mobility on the basis of the market economy, visa policies, quota policies, militarization of sea and land, to control and prevent the mobility of human beings.

The Charter of Lampedusa also affirms the freedom and the duty to disobey unjust orders.

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